The securityTech category is extremely broad and extensive with technologies covering all aspects of securing any type of facility, home, organization, open expanse of land, including waterways & the ocean. Available products cover the full spectrum from integrated software to smart & sophisticated hardware and equipment.

To mention just a couple of our partners….

A company specializing in detecting and identifying malicious intentions of an individual (identified individually or specifically selected out of a crowd) through a mobile and / or stationary system in which, as a next-generation polygraph, you can identify through a series of questions, this person’s intentions without the need for wires or  to connect to devices, and independent of the operator. By simply placing a hand in a securityTech device, answers are analyzed via the transmission of electricity in the body. The threat level of the suspect is determined within a few minutes with high accuracy, a significant improvement in time, accuracy and cost of standard polygraph testing. This SecurityTech can be used at airports, bus or train stations, border crossings, stadiums, events, corporate offices, and sensitive facilities.

Another of our partners has developed an explosive detector that is unique in that it carries out the collection and detection of vapors or substances on the same compact device with high recovery capability, and accuracy rate of over 95 percent.

The company has developed this proprietary substance detector that utilizes a revolutionary gas chromatograph technology. The system has successfully conducted lab and field operation tests.

From a securityTech perspective, the collected vapors are presented to an extremely sensitive detector using a selective pre-concentration gas chromatograph and electron capture technology.  The unique system design, allows immediate analysis results with the capability to run multiple sequenced samples with practically no waiting time. 

The quick analysis results allow massive throughput needed in most security applications. The system is designed for fast recovery even after detection, allowing the user to continue using the system even after contamination which is most important for live system tests during daily use. The detector is designed to detect standard commercial, improvised & military substances