Fire Fighting Tech / High Rise Buildings

  • First-Responders Emergency Radio Coverage System for High-Rise Buildings
  • Today, there are more than about 10 million buildings higher than 75 feet worldwide
  • Integrated building security solutions, safe-guarding a building’s environments are essential.
  • First Responders require effective communications methods during emergencies to be able to provide such solutions.
  • One of the major lessons learned from the 9/11 terrorist attacks is that reliable In-Building Emergency Public-Safety Radio Coverage is vital to saving lives.
  • One of our partner Company’s has developed a two-track solution for new and existing structures


  • New Patented concepts dealing with In-Building Wireless Communication  Systems.
  • Seamless operation – First Responders will continue to use their Standard Radios to continuously maintain communications from any point on any floor – no matter how high or how complex the building is.
  • Real-time display of ID & Location of each First Responder
  • Completely passive – no power required
  • Easy to Design & Install
  • Low cost