Construction Materials

CITIG works with many high tech construction materials manufacturers, who offer industry leading product:

  • One company is specializing in high efficiency Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) generators
  • The Company focuses primarily on its proprietary jet engine technology utilizing natural gas to supply decentralized, off-grid electricity and heat to commercial and residential properties
  • This proprietary technology is more compact, lighter, environmentally friendly, and commercially viable than its competitors, yielding a higher efficiency generator that can be installed and operated at a lower cost
  • The Company’s significant advantages rely on the development of its two Micro-generators: 40kW capacity and 250kW capacity. The technology enables reliable localized electricity and heat generation through an on-site build
  • Management believes this is an attractive opportunity to reshape the generation and delivery of electricity and heat through a highly efficient, decentralized medium
  • The company’s generators will produce electricity and heat for large commercial and residential properties
  • The 40kW unit will be installed in smaller scale residential properties, while the 250kW unit will serve larger residential and commercial properties

Key Technological Advantages:

  1. Installed Cost: Intelligent design and innovation have enabled the company’s micro-generators’ production cost to be significantly lower than its competitors in the CHP market
  2. Life Cycle: proprietary technology involving an innovative turbine cooling method has enabled the micro-generators’ turbine life to last over 50,000 hours in operation
  3. Clean Combustion: Lower emissions – company’s recuperator is more thermally efficient delivering a cost-effective solution to lowering the world’s carbon footprint and environmental damage
  4. High Efficiency: Stable supply – CHP achieves 90% efficiency as an off-grid, decentralized solution. This unique design features low air & exhaust gas pressure drops and effective cooling of the turbine
  5. Low Maintenance: Light compact design – The company’s generators have a unique design “built like lego”, enabling a significant decrease in maintenance, shipping and installation costs. These generators can be installed virtually anywhere

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Innovation

The Problems:

  • Electronic and electrical equipment is sensitive to elevated levels of EMF that affect its performance (medical devices for example)
  • Signals are affected from Magnetic flux and need to be protected (Space, Shielding, Electronics)
  • Long exposure to EMF impacts our health. Protection is costly and cumbersome

The Solution:

  • The ELMF technology provides revolutionary Magnetic field Cancellation instead of Magnetic field Protection.
  • Cancellation is by definition:
    • More effective
    • Lighter when implemented
    • Cheaper in production
    • Flexible in installation
  • There are additional economical valuable properties that are derived from this unique design

This company has developed a unique multi-Patented Technology applicable to both single and three phase cables:

  • Provide perfect solution to acute EMF needs
  • Smart & unique design
  • “Green” by several aspects of saving (cost , weight, energy)
  • Easy to implement on the production floor
  •  Acceptable by installers

ELMF design leads to Additional Engineering & Cost Advantages:

  1. Cables & power cabinets
  2. Extremely low magnetic field
  3. High Immunity
  4. Low Inductance
  5. Lower Impedance
  6. Improves heat dispersion

Wires & Cables Market Breakdown:

  • Building
  • Power
  • Electronic
  • Apparatus
  • Telephone
  • Fiber Optic
  • Transportation
  • Magnet

Construction Industry

  • There are three main EMF sources in buildings:
  • Transformers – N/A
  • Power Cabinets – ELMF concept is available
  • Cables – ELMF concept and cables are available
  • Power distribution cabinets and Cables are targeted for high rising towers  the vertical peers and floors
  • Perfect solution for “Zero consumption” environment